American Military Families Autism Support is a grassroots effort started in 2008 by military families, for military families, providing news, information, contacts and options for military families dealing with autism spectrum disorder. Due to the nature of military life and the challenges of autism, these families often experience additional stressors over non-military families.

As many of you may have encountered during your autism journey, your attempts to find information and support is often difficult. This site is about one thing: your family.

The Navy, Army, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard have many things in common, but also many things that differ including care and services for special needs families. AMFAS was created because of the challenges families had making sense of what really applies to them.

AMFAS is not a corporation, a fund-raising machine or a site created using money or outsourcing to interns. We are military families who have experienced the intricacies of care, both on and off installations. We do not look to raise money, just support for military families. AMFAS serves as a starting point for a military family with a newly diagnosed child.


Our mission is simply to provide news, information, community and support to all military families dealing with autism spectrum disorder.


Our vision is to increase awareness of autism, provide information to fill in the gaps between military installation support, build a support system for family members affected by a diagnosis of autism and increase feedback and partnership among military support services and families.

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