Tour of AMFAS Part 9: The Community

If there is one word that encompasses what American Military Families Autism Support is about, it’s community.

Our community is diverse, savvy and typically without a lot of time on their hands. We understand that because we too are military families and parents of children with autism.

Your friends at AMFAS have long established the focus of our efforts for the website as a commitment to you and making a place that you can call home. This is your home for military families dealing with autism. Your community. It can’t be re-enforced strongly enough.

To achieve this, when the website was build we integrated quite a bit of community aspects to it. While much of the vital information you seek is easy to access and a quick visit away, the area for registered users offers the community that is solely autism focused, yet operated by military families, not companies or organizations that could use your personal information for financial gain.

It’s now been several years since we started working to support the community and ways people obtain information are changing. We understand that and will continue to evolve the ‘what’ and ‘how’ AMFAS brings you in terms of news, information and support for our vibrant community.

The website is only one part of that community, but it brings together the hope and experience of so many great military family members like you.

At the center of our community options is what we call myAMFAS. This is your profile cockpit providing a control panel for all the website experiences available: your profile, friends you can add or invite from outside the site, monitor your Groups, add photos, videos, events and blog posts and even monitor your posts from the AMFAS Forum. There’s even a messaging system and a bunch of other options that really make the community shine. Some of these will be more detailed in our Phase II update currently scheduled for completion in July.

Did someone just say your blog posts? In TOA Part 2, the external blogs were mentioned. But AMFAS provides something extra for registered members of our community: your own blog space on AMFAS to log your day, post recipes or anything that’s on your mind. It’s your own personal space to share your hope, joy, to vent or whatever. And don’t forget about your ability to post updates through your profile, just as other popular social media platforms allow.

The best part is that you determine the settings, from only visible to you, to selected friends, all registered members or even the public. And as a community member, it’s automatically setup for you, so you don’t have to go through the trouble of registering on any blog site. You can rate and review too, meaning that someone’s posts about their day could get encouragement. We’ll be adding more update displays on the site as more people start to take advantage of this option.

Obviously, those who participate in the AMFAS community should receive some recognition for their work in supporting the community. This is simply done through a points system on the site. The Phase II update to the website will include status updates to highlight those going above and beyond. The more active you are on the site, the more points you can earn in terms of status.

For families not on Facebook or other social networks, our community is a social network just for our families, offering a variety of options, without traditional worries about you making a digital footprint. We focus on using a username instead of your full name. It’s your decision on what you want to use. If you do use FB, you can login with your FB profile after you register. It’s easy.

If you aren’t yet a registered community member on the site, registering is simple and allows you to post, review, rate, and contribute to helping others. Register to join the website community and take part in something amazing. Click here to start your journey.


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