Tour of AMFAS Part 7: Events

As we continue with a look at the different functions of the website, we come to an important option that will help increase awareness of autism-related events for our military community.

The Events section allows for any registered member to input upcoming events, helping to promote them to a larger audience.

The aim is to provide a robust events listing of EFMP, local events, conferences, AMFAS meet-ups, etc, that gives a look of available offerings around every installation worldwide. Increased attendance at events by AMFAS members in the aim. With many categories, it allows for easy lookup for events from a Military One Source or Great Plains Labs Webinar, to EFMP event, to conferences such as AutismOne or Autism Research Institute (both have given military discounts in the past). If a category doesn’t fit the event, we’ll add new ones that do. That’s the power of our collaborative community in listening to your needs.

You can help ensure families know about upcoming events by simply helping to enter events you know about, whether local or national. If you have the information, you can also send it to us through the contact form. The only restriction on listing is that the event cannot be solely a fund-raising event for an organization. There has to be a community aspect to the event that is included, and that should be the emphasis, not on raising money.

To submit an event on the website, simply click to Create Event, input the Title, Summary (short description), Description (long description – if needed) with all relevant information, Category, Location (full address preferred but can be city(or installation) and state) date, time (start and end), Number of seats, and check boxes for if the event is private and if people can invite others to the event. If there is limited seating you can include that as well.

Once done, a map will be generated showing the location and a corresponding pinpoint on the frontpage events map will appear.

Like so many parts of the AMFAS site, your participation and helping are encouraged to make a difference for all our families. Every one of you are important to the cause in supporting this grassroots effort to help all our families.


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