Tour of AMFAS Part 6: AMFAS Answers

Everyone has questions. When it comes to military families and autism we have a bunch.

To help our families get to the heart of their questions, we created what we call AMFAS Answers as an integral part of In addition to the AMFAS Worldwide Installation Resource, this feature allows you to get specifically filtered results fast.

Answers was developed from the reality that on any given website, people are asking the same questions over and over. If you’ve wondered how to do something, where to go, why this happens, etc., you aren’t alone. This went into our development long ago since these are important questions for all of us.

If you have a specific question, simply type it in, select a category for the question and click to ask it. If someone has asked a similar question in the past, those results will appear, allowing you to look at these instead of asking a redundant question.

While there are a number of categories, we will add and adjust as more questions are added. As always, your feedback helps to improve your community, so tell us what you want if there’s something missing.

To limit SPAM, only registered users on the website are able to respond to questions. Registration is easy, free and allows members of our community to engage with the many aspects of AMFAS. Best of all, unlike other sites, AMFAS will never use your information for monetary gain since we are military families helping military families.

As a community of military families, your participation and expertise is critical to help our families get quality information. Join in, ask questions, use your experience and knowledge to help others by answering questions, and participate. Together we can make a difference!

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