Feedback important as next DoD Advisory Panel approaches

By Nicholas Sabula

On March 6, I’ll have the opportunity to again visit Arlington, Va., to take part in the next DoD Advisory Panel on Special Needs.

If you’re new to the AMFAS community, take a look at my perspective on the first panel that took place in September.

As I’ve always maintained, from Day One of starting the AMFAS project back in 2008, it’s about our families and focusing on how to support. I’m honored to get to help deliver your needs to DoD’s leaders.

Last time, I took a robust amount of information into the event through an online survey that generated some great data for DoD’s Office of Special Needs.

This time, I want to focus on specific issues that you have had in the last six months and anything current that I can discuss, as well as the overall top challenges and suggestions I can pass on to ensure your voice is being heard.

Please send your feedback through this form or email me at nicholas@

Together we are making a difference for our families.


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